Saturday, June 27, 2009

How the World sees Iran

Myself, I am appalled and disgusted. Having grown up in the real world, I value free speech and independent thought.

Let’s look at Iran. It’s a theocracy. The Ayatollahs have the power and that is what all this is about…POWER. Power corrupts…Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Mohamed’s teachings were peaceful, like the teachings of Jesus. This situation is not really about Islam.

It’s kinda like having a committee of Jerry Falwells having all the power in the United States. I don’t really want to think about the implications there.

Was the election fair? Well, when there are more ballots cast than eligible voters, I kinda doubt it. Were the people right to protest it? Yeah.

The protesters were peaceful. Show of displeasure in the fraud. Pro government forces came out with guns & clubs and started to beat and kill people. The protesters picked up rocks. Like holding on to a twig in a cat 5 hurricane.

Quick…kick out all journalists so the world can’t see the brutality inflicted on the people!!! That might have worked 30 years ago but NOT ANYMORE. Out came the cameras and cell phones with pictures streaming to the World Wide Net. THE WORLD WAS WATCHING with concern and disgust.

CAUGHT RED HANDED!!! It’s not our fault!!! The unrest was encouraged by Great Britain.. The United States instigated the protest… (my favorite) The CIA killed Neda. How dare she get shot where there was someone with a cell phone camera!!! It’s everyone’s fault but the government of Iran.

It’s time that Iran grows up and joins the rest of us adults in the real world. In the meantime I will continue to pray for the safety of the people of Iran.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Got the car

I got it for $1300. Has a really smal oil leak, really not worth fixing as of yet, & the doors don't lock. I'll ask Ron if he can fix it. Curt (el mechanico marviloso) has taken care of it from day 1. Yah, I can go to work today without someone coming to get me & go to the banks.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

oops update

Kevins blog is

Gus just called about the car. I will probably get it.

I can't deal without a car

My car's fuel injector malfunctioned and took the MAPS (Manifold Air Pressure System) & probably the catalytic converter. What does that mean ? Basically $1000. I paid $1200 for it about 2 years ago. Not worth it.

I've got a line on a 1993 Nissan Altima in cherry condition for $1500. Hope it isn't sold. Got a call in on it and waiting for a call back.

Joe from Enterprise rent a car wants to show me some cars but the lowest is $9000 . I do not want to do payments.

We will see. Keep your fingers crossed on the Nissan.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


…. And I am more than delighted.

Picture if you will young, sheltered 13-year-old american girl, living in Puerto Rico. It was about 1961, life was simple, the usual worries about school & friends. I was lying on my bed (as usual) reading a book. In walks my brother Rob, throws a book next to me with "Read this!!" OK, why not.

I think it was called The Freedom Riders. I believe it was about Montgomery bus boycott, not sure. This book introduced me to the fact that some people actually disliked people that had different colored skin. Huh, that’s stupid. They even got violent about it. Unbelievable !!! I learned about PREJUDICE.

There was this young man who was teaching "passive resistance", kinda like Ghandi. You guessed it; his name was Martin Luther King. This was way before he was famous.

I thought about the society that I lived in and saw that there was no such thing in Puerto Rico. I was totally confused, but I started to pay attention to the news from the United States and was incredulous. Why did anybody care more about the color of someone’s skin anymore than the color of hair or eyes? I decided that Continentals (Americans) were kinda weird & dumb.

As I started to learn more about this thing called PREJUDICE, I learned that black & white kids went to different schools, What is wrong with these people !!! They had separate bathrooms, drinking fountains and could not even eat at the same restaurants. Then I learned about the beatings and lynchings, I WANT ABSOLUTLY NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE PEOPLE !!!! I looked upon the United States as the country of my parents, but NOT MINE !!!. I was as outraged as a 13-year-old can get.

Time went on, I watched Martin Luther King become famous (rightfully so) and I too was growing up and was greatly influenced by this man, his words and courage. I watched integration of the schools, voter registration and general equal rights as they were met with violence. But wait, something else was happening. I saw that little by little, ever so slowly, things start getting better (not fast enough for me, after all I equated prejudice with ignorance).

I married and came to the United States and saw that prejudice was still around but more and more people (the young) were rejecting it. Little by little by little it was getting ever so slooowly better.

Today there is still prejudice but compared to the 60’s like night and dawn (not quite day yet). Last Tuesday the American People elected Barrack Obama, not because of his race, but because of his brains, heart and soul. I still consider myself more Boriqueña than American but I am proud of my American brothers and sisters. This would never have happened when I was 13.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Mel gets a little political

I am neither Democrat not Republican, I usually vote for the lessor of the 2 evils. Race, gender or religion has nothing to do with the decision. Intelligence, ideas and demeanor have everything to do with it. Mud slinging tells me that you have no more ideas (Well your mother wears combat boots). Scare tactics make me think that you don't think you can elected on your own merits.

After 8 years of the dumbest president in my known history, we need some intelligence. Lets look back. We are @ war on 2 fronts, the economy is in the crapper and world opinion is @ a all time low. Oh, lets not forget the response ( or lack of) to the people of New Orleans.

Makes me want to head back to Puerto Rico with "Fuck this place" shouted behind me. But WAIT, their is an Intelligent, caring person running for president this time. I hope he makes it. Yes, I voted early. And yes , I voted for Obama.

Now can we stop inundating my airwaves and mailbox with crap !!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, with my children gone off to live China, Korea & downstairs, I decided to start a blog.

When my mind starts to go off in its wandering pathways, it usually settles on family. In the culture I grew up in, Familia was second only to GOD. You stick up for each other, while muttering " What posessed you to say/do that, bendejo? " It's the ole custom of nobody hits my brother except me. So if it seems that I write about family alot TS, deal with it. Its grows out of the family & culture whence I came.

I will be soooo glad when all these political commercials, speaches, interviews etc. are over. Like most Puerto Ricans I know, there is a lot of distrust of the Federal Government. Its who is going to screw us the least. Now don't get me wrong. I am a devout pacifist, but if a politician says that the sky is blue I will go outside to see what color it really is. They seem to twist everything around to suit their needs. Instead of just telling us their ideas, they have to point out everything little thing that they concieve as wrong with the other guy. Mom always taught us "If you can't say something good about somebody, don't say anything at all" And the news media, please SHUT UP, I speak & understand english, don't tell me what he or she meant.

Enough, let me get off my high horse, sign off and play with my computer.